Aspen’s Value to...

...the Patient

  • We advocate change in the name of progress. We actively seek superior products & technologies that ultimately provide benefit for the patient.
  • As an independent business entity, we have the ability to provide a variety of products from a variety of manufacturers. We choose to represent only those products we feel are best……regardless of the manufacturer. Our primary allegiance is to our clinical partners and our hospitals.

Aspen’s Value to the Physician

...the Hospital

  • Local Warehousing & Delivery Services (if desired)
  • Consolidation of multi-product ordering to a single entity
  • We strive to be an economic partner, saving time and money.
  • As a clinical partner, we bridge the gap between clinicians and device manufacturers.

Aspen’s Value to the Manufacturer

Aspen’s Value to the Patient

...the Physician

  • Aspen does not “force” products. We make it easy for physicians to evaluate emerging products without exerting undue pressure on them.
  • The product must stand on its own merit. Before we agree to represent a product or device, we do everything possible to confirm its clinical acceptability and effectiveness….it’ a matter of professional integrity.

Aspen’s Value to the Hospital the Manufacturer

  • Through our close relationships, we provide our manufacturers access to a clinical “think tank” within a defined medical market.
  • We create opportunities for Beta Site Evaluations of new products and device designs.
  • We are an authorized/credentialed vendor in the VA Medical Centers of America.
  • Our localized warehouse and delivery services (when desired), ensure products are available “as needed” to local hospitals.